“Luke is the only breaker I trust to consistently provide a quality break every time. All of his breaks are entertaining and he is transparent with every step. Best of all Luke has a ton of knowledge about the business so he offers instant feedback and advice on your pulls. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a quality entertaining break.”

Jay Chehy

“Not only does Luke always rip bangers, but the breaks are fun to watch and interact with. Amazing environment overall, especially compared to other breakers”

Austin Custodio

Over the the last 7-9 months, I have had the privilege to do business with Luke Breon, the owner of Banger.Sports.Cards. In this time, I have been a customer, a mentee, and somewhat of a junior partner. Luke has given hours of his time to ensure great customer service, as well as, provided quality mentorship. I would recommend that anyone and everyone should attempt to do business with Mr. Breon. No matter the level of business they are needing, I am confident Mr. Breon will leave them satisfied.

Justin Smith