About Us

Luke Breon

I am the owner and founder of Banger Sports Cards. Ever since I was a kid, I've always been an entrepreneur and a collector of sports cards. From the ages of 8-12, every single dollar I had would go towards sports cards at Walmart and card shows. As I grew older, I started many businesses like fixing iPhones, an eBay flipping business, a marketing agency, and lately Banger Sports Cards. 

When the hobby boomed back in March of 2020, a TON of my money was going into sports cards. I was breaking with a lot of different breakers and saw one thing wrong with every single one of them. They were ALL doing it for the money and not for the people or the hobby in general. I saw this and decided to try it out for myself. I broke my first box on June 30th and it was a huge rush of adrenaline and ever since day one, I've been giving back to the hobby! 

Nowadays, cards are truly taking over my life. Taking a lot of time away from all of my other businesses and day to day tasks, Banger Sports Cards is becoming my full time job. Here, we offer breaks, personal boxes, supplies, mystery packs, and the partnership. I hope to see you on the lives soon!