Banger Consignment

With so many people hitting my DM's looking for ways to sell cards, I have decided to start consigning cards to eBay for others. I have worked with many local people for the past couple months, but it is time to open up this opportunity to all of you. 


How it Works

It's pretty simple. All cards need to be in new sleeves and top loaders. Cards are scanned in their top loaders. New sleeves and top loaders will ensure your cards have the best potential to sell for the highest amount. There are only 2 things that you need to include in your package: 

Your Cards (Obvisouly)


After the package is ready to be shipped out, send me a quick message asking for my home address. After your cards are received, they will be taken to my office day of or next day. Immediately, the cards will be identified and put into the database. More than likely the same day, the cards will be scanned and listed on eBay for a 7 day auction starting at .99 cents. Upon selling, the cards will be shipped off and you will be paid out the way that you asked for. 


Payout Structure

Due to eBay increasing listing fees for auctions, you will receive 80% -0.50¢ on every listing

Reminder: eBay takes about 15% of selling price plus. Only 5% goes to paying employees, lease, etc.

New Sleeves & Top Loaders: -.15¢ a card.


The Guarantee

The best part about Banger Consignment is that I have 4 people working for me daily to ensure your cards get listed and shipped out in a timely manner. There will never be a backlog of cards waiting to get listed on eBay. The bigger it gets, the more people I have to hire. As of now, you are 100% guaranteed to receive your funds no later than 20 business days after tracking says they were delivered. 

Just a quick heads up. This will not profit me a whole lot of money, if any. With cost of office space, employees, and technology, I do not see a whole lot of profit. This is to benefit you. It is to get money back in your own hands. Whether you decide to spend it on more breaks or to go on a shopping spree, it is for you. Take advantage of it.